Wednesday, September 12, 2007

God Save the Sheen! Part 2

1989 - Batman

In a year that saw Indiana Jones and Batman take to the big screen we also had the opportunity to watch Charlie Sheen play Rick 'Wild Thing' Vaughn alongside a very dark Wesley Snipes in 'Major League.' "Up your butt, JoBoo." and "Shit Burgers?" become part of the English speaking vernacular.

1990 - Eh

'Courage Mountain,' 'Navy Seals,' 'Men at Work,' and 'The Rookie' all were released in 1990 and all were forgotten shortly there after. Sheen's bank account rose and so did call girl activity.

1994 - Riding in a car with Buffy the Vampire Slayer

'The Chase' is like talking to someone very annoying at 3 AM on a Saturday night. You know you'll regret it, but you'll probably have a ton of fun with them. The movie is pretty much Sheen and Kristy Swanson riding in a car. Can't explain why, but this film is damn good, and so was your sister.

2001 - Charles Not In Charge

After being named in Heidi Fliess' courtcase as spending a monster shitload of money on prostitutes and having them dress up in crazy outfits, Sheen disappeared into the sea of direct to video movies where he went by the name of Charles Sheen. In 2001 he returned to the lovable Charlie and gave us 'Good Advice.' Though this too went straight to video, it starred Jon Lovitz, Rosanna Arquette and most notably Denise Richards. This movie was so much better than it actually should be, but what's important here is Sheen met Denise Richards.

2006 - Call Girls of the World Rejoice

Not since Burt and Loni has there been an uglier divorce. Sheen and Richards' divorce is shaping up to be a juggernaut of biblical buffet proportions. We've got death treats, child pornography, Richie Sambora, intense voicemails, a baby clothing line and so much more.

Sheen is back in Sheen form.

Be well (and go rent 'All Dogs Go to Heaven 2' where Sheen took over the role of Charlie B. Barkin from none other than Burt Reynolds.)

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