Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Brothers Solomon- WHY??!!

I decided to watch "The Brothers Solomon" last week. Why? A boring night of nothing to do and a free pass to AMC will tempt me to go see even the most attrocious comedy. This gem is penned by Groundlings alum and SNL cast member Will Forte and directed by Bob Odenkirk. First let me start off by saying that these characters that Will Arnett and Will Forte play are beyond dumb. Not in a Lloyd Christmas, Harry Dunne good kind of dumb either. Just retarded dumb. Will Forte is just a dumb ass for writing this. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Forte has some strengths and I too would give my right nut to be involved in any movie that is greenlit, so good for him. But this failed so hard at the box office, if I had written and starred in it. I might disappear for awhile. The budget was around 10 million, opening weekend it grossed 500k, averaging about 750 bucks per theater...WOW. A shit ass performance like this film as well as "Let's go to Prison" really is a kick in the nads for Odenkirk. Also for Arnett, who stars in both. Are these guys really movie star potential? The film also co-stars, Groundlings alum and SNL cast member, Kristen Wiig. She is so full of talent, but not in this movie, and it's not her fault. Again it goes back to the script and poor character development. Seriously they could have thrown anyone in this role and it would not have mattered.
The most annoying thing about this movie is that the song "St. Elmo's Fire" by John Parr is played about 5 times throughout the film and not for comedic effect. I just didnt get it. Were there refernces to the brat pack? Did I miss something? The pacing of the trailer for this flick is much more enjoyable, I suggest watching that about 5 times and just envision how funny you would have liked this movie to be. Here is the trailer...skip the movie..peace.

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